Catholic Exchange

Comfort for the Sick and Dying

Solid Christian comfort for those facing illness or death and wisdom to guide all who care for them

Here is a storehouse of Christian wisdom for people facing the most vulnerable and desperate times of their lives: the onset of serious illness or the approach of death. These pages are also essential reading for Christian caregivers and for wise souls who want to prepare now for illness or death, either of which can come any day, even to those of us in perfect health.

With refreshing clarity and fidelity to Scripture, the author, Msgr. David Greenstock, will show you how to let Jesus Himself give you strength. Youll learn how to make better use of the sacraments to gain spiritual sustenance; youll even discover how to transform your sufferings into occasions for communion with God. Best of all, youll learn how to resist the temptations that especially afflict sick people, and how best to pray, when youre sick, to the God who assures you He will wipe away all your tears.

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